September 19th, 2013 by Elizabeth

Lollapalooza 2013: Meow


After scrolling through all of those epic pictures, I’m hoping you’ll forget that Lollapalooza happened over a month ago.  Yikes!  My how time flies.  LouFest as even come and gone since then.  Which explains the delay, really.  I mean, it was literally straight from one to the other.  Did I mention I squeezed a vacation in there somewhere?!!?!?  The things you’ll do to please an overworked husband.  Sigh.  BUT, the great thing about procrastinating blog posts is that I get to relive those amazing moments long after they’re gone.  What a great time!

I have to say, as rad as the bands were this year, Lollapalooza 2013 was definitely the year of the people.  I mean, the people watching was superb.  Our customers were amazing, and everyone was wearing cats!!!  CATS!!!!  It’s the year of the CAT, er’body!  I myself had multiple cat shirts picked out for the weekend, so you know I got the memo!  Actually, I might have written the memo on cats.  It only took the rest of the world 30 years to catch on.  Too bad we didn’t think to take pictures of all these cat wearing peeps until day 3.  Yea, that many pictures in just one day.  I love it.  We MAY have chased down a few cat lovers in order to get pictures.  And I MAY have insisted I be in the pictures with them.  Except for Grumpy Cat.  Grumpy Cat takes pictures with no one.

Lollapalooza 2013 was like no other.  This year, in addition to our trusty sidekick Stephanie, we brought along our favorite summer intern, Alyssa!!!  My philosophy is always the more the merrier, so we couldn’t wait for our crew to start the weekend festivities.  Making room for a fourth person in Seabiscuit was no small feat, though.  This meant we had to pack Trailer Swift extra carefully, thus forcing us to be more organized than ever before.  We did it, people.  We did it!  We packed things into totes you’d never think possible.  We even had room to spare.  Which we quickly filled up with coolers full of…..err……water.

As always, the incomparable Sarah and Jeremy (world’s cutest newlyweds) let us crash in their Logan Square apartment.  We love that neighborhood so much!  We visit so often, perhaps we can be honorary residents?!?!  Maybe?!?!  Can we at least be considered regulars at the Boiler Room and the Cozy Corner Diner?  We literally eat there multiple times……every time we are in Chicago.  What’s a group of weary travelers to do when you place your business just steps from the train station?

I’ll quit rambling, as the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  However, I’m going to go ahead an give a shout out to Shelah and my favorite performers of the weekend.  Take a listen if you’d like!

Father John Misty - The love child of Mick Jagger and Langhorn Slim

Shovels & Rope - Like a Rockabilly Johnny and June.  Oh, and a couple got engaged at their show.  Adorbs.

Wild Belle - Reggae/Rock brother sister duo.

Band of Horses - The most beautiful music you’ll ever hear.

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real – The talent of his dad, Willie, with a killer rock n roll edge.

Grizzly Bear - Catchy tunes and slow jams.

Two Door Cinema Club – One of Shelah’s favs from her younger years!

The Postal Service - Basically Death Cab for Cutie……so……it’s good!

Vampire Weekend - Shelah’s ultimate geek out!

Matt & Kim - An energetic duo with balloons!!!

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  1. Well the pic’s bespeak good time’s and oodles of fun!! And the kitty couture was the best!!

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